What Is the Best Type of Wedding Rentals Arch?

Wedding arches are tall and rounded structures, which are usually decorated with flowers and/or fabric. This is often used as a focal point at wedding ceremonies. Where the bride and groom will stand beneath it, or in front of it to recite their vows. It can be made out of plastic, wood or wrought iron, it will depend on the wedding rentals place you use. However, there are some which are designed to be a permanent fixture, especially in garden settings.

Ornate decorations are often used to enhance these arches, with the basic structure being e adorned with fabric, lush foliage, and flowers that will coordinate with the wedding colors which will complement the tones and theme of the wedding. Most event planners have portable versions and will incorporate a decorated arch into their overall design.

Sometimes, an arch can be made using 2 pipes. A heavy set of bases will be needed to secure the structure. With this situation, the flowers and foliage will completely cover the 2 metal pipes. Then, the arch is made using a rounded support piece that is placed overhead which connects to the 2 pipes. The center is made with a curved metal section, and when complete, the skeleton of the arch is then hidden with adornments.

A bride and groom could actually hire a portable wedding arch. Some choices can be quite elaborate with regards to their décor and do not need any extra enhancement. While others are basic, the more simple choices are the ones which will need extra adornments. 

In order to achieve a traditional look, the white or ivory fabric is often used in the design, or used by itself without any flowers. And, to continue the theme, the same fabric can be used for other ceremonial items. For instance, matching fabric can be used down the aisle and connected on either end-of-aisle chair. And if you are using a table and chair rentals company, they can be used to adorn these too. 

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