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Chiavari chairs are popular event rentals seating options for almost every type of event including weddings. They are also known as a banquet or ballroom chairs and are a standard staple product with every event rental company. This chair design is decades old. Chiavari chairs are recognizable by their spindle frame and ladder back and have a distinctive section of short vertical spindles that are found on the upper backrest. A double row of spindles is normally added for extra detail to the legs.


The original Chiavari chair was updated using a French design back in the 1800’s when it was first brought to Italy, it originally had only one crossbar on the back and no spindles. The earlier chairs were made using medium colored wood. However, today, these chairs are available in various different wood colors, ranging from almost black to grainy or unfinished. Most wedding rentals services have different toned wooden Chiavari chairs, such as mahogany which is a reddish brown color, and walnut, which is a golden-brown color, or black and white Chiavari chairs.


Once wooden Chiavari chairs became more popular, other materials like bamboo and metal were used to create these chairs. Metallic finishes ranged from gold and silver, and even though gold Chiavari chairs added elegance to events like a wedding or banquet, silver provided a more cooler and modern touch.


In addition to cushion covers, there are embossed too, elegant styles like Damask has used also. Often, a sheath will be added to the backrest, this can be sheer lace for a wedding, or other kinds are opaque and could even include a sash which is tied into a loose sumptuous bow on the back of the chair.


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